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Product Overview

Designed to make it easier for you to pack your bike and hit the road! Just like the Large Bike Shoe, only smaller, the SpudBilt Medium Bike Shoe can handle wheels from 16"-17" in diameter, and uses cam action to lock on to your bike's front wheel. It will also work on the rear wheel of trail bikes. Just bolt this sucker down using the pre drilled holes, and you're ready to haul! Get some of these for your bike trailer or hauler and you will cringe the next time you have to strap down.

$75.99 gets you a Medium SpudBilt Bike Shoe with Free Shipping!
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Product Features

  • Saves stress on your fork seals and springs.
  • Makes it easy to load and unload your bike.
  • Can bolt directly to the floor of your trailer.

Medium BIKE SHOE | $75.99

Instructional Videos

At this time there are no instructional videos available for this product.